Opening training course in Manbej for the Syrian Democratic Forces

With the continued progress in Raqqa battle and the victories achieved by the fighters of SDF.

The General Command of the Syrian Democratic Forces announced, during a ceremony, a training course for new soldiers who joined the Syrian democratic forces.

The training will be held at the academy of the martyr “Faisal Abu Laila” in Manbej, with the name ” martyr Militan Manbej”.

120 fighters joint the training, who will receive one month of intellectual and military training.

Where the opening began with standing a minute of silence for the souls of the martyrs, and read the oath by the trainees.

The opening ceremony was attended by the joint chairman of the Executive Council of Manbej (Zainab Qanbar), General Commander of Military Manbej Council (Adnan Abu Amjad), Chairman of the Youth and Sports Body (Mohsen Al-Jassem) and his deputy (Thuraya Ishaq), in addition to the family of the martyr Militan.

The General Commander of Military Manbej Council (Adnan Abu Amjad), welcomed them at the beginning, then calling on them to be disciplined and to make the most of the lessons they will receive in order to improve their fighting skills.

The ceremony concluded with episodes of Dabkeh on folk songs.

It should be noted that the martyr Militan Manbej was a military discipline forces of the military Manbej Council and lost his life while performing his military duties.

Military Manbej Council opened the military academy of the martyr “Faisal Abu Laila”, on 1 September 2016.


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