HomedialogueOrganizations Office: Organizations’ assistance to IDPs is shy

Organizations Office: Organizations’ assistance to IDPs is shy

Al-Raqqa and the surrounding villages have been displaced since the start of the campaign of Al-Fura rage in order to purge the last strongholds of terrorism and liberate the so-called “Organization of the Islamic State.” As Syrian Democratic Forces advancing, Where the number of displaced was increasing from 10,000 to 11000 displaced in Ain Issa camp in the western of the city.

This led to the creation of difficulties that slow the work on the camp administration and the Civil Council and the organizations that provide some shy assistance to the camps.

According to the director of the camp Jalal Ayaf and the head of the Office of Humanitarian Organizations, Abdul Salam Hamsurk, that there are more than 20 organizations and associations provide assistance in one way or another, explaining also that the number of permanent organizations 3 organizations:

  • Al-Furat
  • Concern
  • Buhar

WFP is provided every month by UNICEF. On the other hand, at the medical level, assistance is provided by:

  • The Kurdish Red Crescent
  • French Doctors Without Borders
  • Dutch Doctors Without Borders

IRD has the primary role of providing electricity to the camp and some relief supplies.

As for the villages, there are not enough organizations because of the large number of displaced people in the villages. The main reason is that there is no coordination between the organizations in the distribution. “Homsurk and Ayaf said that work is voluntary work so far, and there are promises from the organizations that nothing has been achieved so far.

At the end of the meeting, Hamsurk said: “We, the people of the country, came voluntarily to serve our country and to facilitate its affairs”


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