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Organizations office: Zahra and Hisha station will be clean of mines within a week

The periodic meeting of the organizations affairs office in Raqqa was held to review the mechanisms of the organizations in the region, the assistance they provide, the mechanism of distribution, and their future plans for the region. In all sectors: food, health, water, roads, schools, bridges and all the needs of life in the region.
The meeting was attended by organizations working since the liberation of the region and some new organizations in the region.
The basics of the work were emphasized: assisting the displaced, reconstructing the area and rehabilitating the infrastructure. As well, emphasize the work of organizations under the work of the Partnership.
As for the demining organization, it went to the areas that we directed, such as the Zahra and Hisha stations, within a week that will be clean of mines. The organizations will immediately start repairing them and pumping water as soon as possible to the northern Raqqa countryside.
The organizations in the field of education have begun their work by rebuilding the schools for the next academic year.



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