Our forces are subject to professional training

In the framework of hard work to the military forces institution  and recruit them professionally, Syrian Democratic Forces is continuing in the opening of its training courses to raise the level of combat and who control on the ground, in addition to get the combat and administrative efficiency which fit with its performance on the ground, as well as the victories have achieved that amazing the world.

The General Command of the Syrian Democratic Forces announced through ceremony to start a training course to leading groups that able to manage the battle, as well
The management of the combat battalions in their positions, and from the different factions of the forces that were provided.

Session with field commanders.
The course which will begin work tomorrow (6/8/2017) at the Martyr Aziz Arab Academy, in Ain Issa town, with the name “martyr Agid Hasaka”. As well with 26 of leading fighters from all factions of the Syrian Democratic Forces, they will receive professional training for 3 months, under the direct supervision of the General Command, interspersed with the professional courses in military science, law and war ethics.

The Syrian Democratic Forces Command announced the opening of the training by official ceremony in front of the media, where the opening began to stand a minute of silence for the lives of martyrs, and the performance of the section by the trainees, then the leader “Haqi Kubani” welcomed the trainees and called them to discipline and make the most of the lessons they will receive to upgrade their combat and administrative capacity to be leaders to control on war with the utmost discipline and abide by the laws of war in the framework of international law.

Haqi Kobani also stressed that this training is not the first and will not be the last; training courses will continue to strengthen the leadership positions of our forces with leaders. As well stressed that our forces are in the process of opening equivalent training for women’s forces in Syrian Democratic Forces, wishing the best for the success of the trainees.

This training will be for 3 months and will include practical field lessons.


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