Rain of the Autonomy falls in the desert of Deir Ez-Zour

 No one can prevent the cloud from precipitation if the objective conditions of the completion of the precipitation and likewise no one can prevent the spread of creative ideas through the drawing of borders and the construction of walls .

Ideas  move whether we want to move or not. This is the experience of the Autonomy that proved to be successful in Rojava .

 It became an urgent requirement for all components of the northern Syria. All the components organized themselves according to this system, which achieves a high degree of partnership in management.

After the SDF liberated areas of the desert extending from Raqqa and Hasakah to Deir ez -Zour and entering the countryside of Deir – ez-Zour , social activities in nearly seventy administrative villages of Deir al-Zour organized themselves in Comines as the smallest organizational cells in the community providing basic services to the people.

The organization began  Autonomy system on February 5 of this year and continued until it reached the establishment of the Abu Khashab Town Council consisting of (18) Comines , and its main committees were established to carry out administrative work. And continued work in this manner until the establishment of twenty-one other Comines ,  the Martyr Hussein al-Amo Council was formed in  Jarwan Village  in the north-western countryside of Deir ez-Zour on 15/8/2017. The two councils are composed of five main committees: the Women, Youth, Reconciliation, Protection and Service Committee, as well as the joint presidential system, which is voted by direct public election by raising hands.

While Mr. Abdul-Ali was elected as a joint president .

Villages under the umbrella of these two councils look to take full advantage of the experience of the Autonomy and organize the society itself to be able to protect themselves from power and terrorism.


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