Raqqa, Old City: Raqqa is still resisting with the liberation campaign of Raqqa City in 64 days

 The clashes are continuous in the neighborhoods of the city between the SDF and mercenaries of the ISIS leading to killing of 17 mercenaries of the ISIS during the clashes and a car bomb was destroyed. In Nazlah Shahada Neighborhood in the south of Raqqa City, the fighters are advancing in the neighborhood amid violent clashes with the terrorists, and five of them were killed   surely. In the east of Old Raqqa Neighborhood, the mercenaries of the ISIS tried to attack in a car bomb on the points of concentration of fighters, where fighters managed to destroy the car before reaching its goal, and the clashes broke out in the vicinity of the ancient mosque, killing three elements of mercenaries of the ISIS, including a sniper. In the Hisham Bin Abdul Malik Neighborhood in the southeast of Raqqa City 9 elements of the ISIS were killed during the clashes, which are still ongoing around the neighborhood.


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