Reconstruction Committee: We appeal international organizations to provide the necessary support

After more than five years of wars that took place in Raqqa city and its countryside, where the terrorist organizations sought to control it, there was no stone left on stone and was systematically destroyed by a special advocate that targeted the service infrastructure in the entire province of schools, pumping stations and other public utilities.

After liberation, the decision was made by Raqqa Civil Council to create the Reconstruction and Services Committee for the reconstruction of the destroyed facilities. Mr. Ibrahim Al-Hassan was appointed as Chairman of the Committee and Eng.

Nazmi Mohammed as Vice-Chairman of the Committee. The leader of the working group, which consists of a number of engineers in all fields.
Nazmi Mohammed, the team leader in the reconstruction committee, confirmed that the primary task of the committee is to rehabilitate water pumping stations that constitute the lifeblood, electricity networks and transfer stations in addition to schools.
The Committee conducted a study on most water pumping stations in the region and more than 200 schools. Studies were submitted to the international organizations that undertook reconstruction in cooperation with Raqqa Civil Council.

In addition, the committee completed a number of projects, In Ain Issa town by Raqqa Civil Council and with the support of IRD), where 1700 meters of the sewerage system and 2000 meters of drinking water system were implemented in the eastern and western neighborhoods of the town.
Nazmi also confirmed that the committee will provide a detailed study of more than 40 schools to the supporting bodies, and wait for the necessary support to start work on its rehabilitation.
Nazmi stressed that the committee lacks the support and cannot complete any project without providing the necessary support from the organizations in the northern Syria, and appealed to the international organizations to provide the necessary support, because the burden is high on Raqqa Civil Council.


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