Saving 20 civilians, including wounded

The responsible teams for the liberation of civilians in the SDF liberated about 20 people from the neighborhoods of Raqqa City, including wounded, and they hurried to take the wounded to hospitals and medical centers to treat them.

The responsible teams for the liberation of civilians of the SDF are continuing in work to liberate civilians from the neighborhoods of Raqqa, despite difficulties they face such as the mines laid by the mercenaries of ISIS, and the continuous bombardment against civilians by the ISIS and their snipers targeting civilians who try to reach safe areas which were liberated and protected by the SDF.

In this context, the responsible teams today liberated another group of civilians. According to information, the group consisted of about 20 people, including wounded, who were injured by the ISIS when they tried to reach the concentration points of the SDF troops The responsible teams took the injured civilians to medical centers and hospitals for treatment. It is noteworthy, these teams have managed to free thousands of civilians and brought them to safe areas.




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