SDF fighters repel attacks of mercenary on 7 fronts in Raqqa

With the liberation of Raqqa on its 61st day, which announced on 6 June, the fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces continue to advance in the neighborhoods of Raqqa city at the expense of the mercenaries.

Where clashes broke out in neighborhoods between our attacking forces and the mercenaries, in which the fighters were able to kill 34 terrorists and seizure a large amount of ammunition during the past 24 hours.

The clashes that took place yesterday in “Karim” neighborhood – west of Raqqa, get the liberation, and killed more than 14 mercenaries inside the neighborhood. The bodies of many of them are still in the streets of the liberated district, in addition to the seizure of amount of ammunition.

In Al-Barid and Al-Nahda neighborhoods in the northwestern parts of the city, clashes between the mercenaries and the fighters is continuing, killing 8 mercenaries, 2 of them snipers.

On the north-eastern side of the city in al-Rawda district, the fighters of repelled an attack by the mercenaries on the liberated points inside the neighborhood, which led to killing 5 of them.

As well, Clashes broke out between our fighters and mercenaries in the old neighborhood of Al-Raqqa, specifically at al-Ateeq mosque , killing 4 of the mercenaries.

On the southern side of the city, the Special Sniper Division of our forces killed 3 of the mercenaries.


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