Security units reveal outcome of Turkish violation in northern Syria

      The Media Center of the People’s Protection Units revealed the violations of the Turkish occupation army and its militias in the last 7 days that affected the northern Syria through a statement referring to attacks on many villages of Afrin and Al-Shahba by heavy weapons.

For its part, the protection units destroyed a tank belonging to the Turkish occupation army near Izzaz hospital, as well as they thwart the attempt by the militias to open a road near Garablus bridge, and attack on the units in the center of Tal-Paz and Maranaz by Dushka and the PKC weapons, which led to kill many of the militias.

The occupation army and its militias continue to bomb the villages of Jalbara, Maranaz, and around of Rupar camp in Afrin, in addition to Alqamiya and Abyan villages in the areas of Al-Shahba with dozens of artillery shells.


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