Self-Administration in Kobani explains the electoral law and the administrative divisions of its members

   The self-administration in Kobani canton in the Euphrates Federal Region held a meeting with members of the self-administration and the Syrian Democratic Council, in addition to the participation of representatives of political parties to explain the concept of Federation of the northern Syria and the political situation in the Middle East.
The meeting was chaired by the co-president of the Democratic Syrian Council Elham Ahmed, Chairman of the Executive Council in Kobani Anwar Muslim and Deputy Chairman of Foreign Affairs Amin Saleh. The meeting was held in the headquarter of the self-administration in Kobani canton
The meeting began with a minute of silence, after that co-president of the Syrian Democratic Council, Elham Ahmed, spoke about the stage in which the Middle East is going through, noting that during the last century the Middle East is witnessing a quantum leap and entering a new stage; which the region has not started from Syria, but started from the Iraq war in 2003.

Elham Ahmed pointed out that Syria is one of the countries that has received the largest percentage of the depth of this project because of its geo-strategic importance in the region, and noted that during the past years and entered several countries such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iran and other foreign countries played a role in the conflict in Syria in addition to Turkey, whose role was slowly disappearing. All of them were working for one goal; to extend their influence in the region and to eliminate any liberal movement or democratic project in the region.
She also stressed that at the same time, the Syrian Democratic Council and Self-Administration and all institutions have been able to prove themselves through the project, which they launched since the beginning of the conflict in Syria, and had a serious and effective role in finding a formula for future Syria in influential.
Elham Ahmed pointed out that the project of Northern Syria is a guarantee to solve the Syrian crisis that introduced the region in a new stage because after six years of permanent conflict, none of the parties to the conflict reached a political solution that would help solve the Syrian crisis. After the law of administrative divisions and the adoption of the electoral law of the federation, Syria has become a new turning point towards democracy and pluralism.
The meeting concluded with a discussion on the political situation, the draft federalism and some provisions of the administrative divisions and elections law.


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