Sharvan Darwish: The official spokesman of the military council of Manbej.

Sharvan Darwish, denied all rumors and gossip broadcast by the regime and his deputies that Manbej City will be given to the regime. Darwish confirmed that all the media reported that a number of people held “so-called” reconciliation with the Syrian regime “and that they represent civil and tribal activities in Manbej and that they have the legitimacy of representing the people who wish to return the Syrian Arab army to Manbej. And all this is a game played by the regime and the media through its means to lure people and all these lies are accompanied by the campaigns of mass media by the media or inform the opposition that Manbej will be handed over to it. Sharvan said that all these rumors are false and that the regime had no institution within the city. The “Military Council of Manbej and its villages” and “the civil democratic administration in Manbej” are the only ones authorized to speak on behalf of Manbej and represent it. They gave hundreds of martyrs to liberate the city, and built their city, which had lived under the rule of the ISIS and their terrorism for two years without moving the regime to save the city. The regime was watching how the ISIS were slaying   the people of Manbej in the squares. Sharvan Darwish confirmed that any individual or group that claims to represent the people of Manbej will be prosecuted and referred to the judiciary and take legal action against them if they are present on the land of Manbej or thought to return to it. Anyone found warmth in the bosom of the regime, and returned to the regime despite all its practices against the Syrian people and crimes, it is permissible to stay in its lap and enjoy its warmth.

The Spokesman for the Military Council of Manbej: Sharvan Darwish

Cited by the military council of Manbej


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