Statement to public opinion on occasion of the first anniversary of liberation Manbej

The Military Council issued a statement to the public opinion on the occasion of the first anniversary of the liberation Manbej, saluting the martyrs, the people of Manbej and everyone who fought against terrorism. The statement also stressed the unity and renunciation of differences and collective action to build a democratic society that preserves both the rights and the dignity of all sects.
The Military Council thanked the efforts of the Syrian Democratic Forces, which have provided and still provide the necessary support to our forces, as well as the International Coalition in their support for the liberation of the city and its handover to the Manbej Military Council.
This is the full text of the statement:
We are entering the first year of the liberation Manbej city from the shadow of terrorism and darkness. We commemorate our noble martyrs and our noble people in Manbej and all those who supported this resistance and continue to close the page of terrorism, while we thank the efforts of all individuals who work day and night in institutions and councils, in addition to the establishment of the executive, legislative and judicial institutions under the protection of the Manbej Military Council and the Internal Security Forces.
As, we move from the present to the future, one year after the expulsion of terrorism from our people. We must put the interests of all the social parties into consideration with the feelings that perpetuate the division, fragmentation and side differences, as in the other areas that are subject to the strength of militant organizations associated with agendas and the Syrian regime. We stand together to promote the city and to empower the future of its population, through active participation on the basis of the rights and duties of all individuals and social, tribal and national entities equally, without any ethnic, sectarian or sexual distinction. The nature of this case should be that the population to express themselves within the existing institutions, progressing to become a positive element of public responsibility, and to reduce the accumulation of possible errors in order to straighten the right track in front of the public and private citizens’ requirements.
We are in the Manbej Military Council pledged ourselves and our martyrs before God and our people, that we will remain ready to defend the gains of the people in Manbej and its countryside. We will do our utmost to ensure security and stability. We will not hesitate at any moment to exercise our legitimate right to defend the city against any possible attacks by any party, in parallel with continuing to pursue terrorism that threatens our country, our cities and villages. All of these, in accordance with the legitimacy of human rights and international treaties known in times of war and peace. As we congratulate our people to free Manbej from the cloud of terrorism.
On behalf of Manbej Military Council, we thank again the efforts of the Syrian Democratic Forces, which have provided and still provide the necessary support to our forces financially and morally, as well as the international coalition in their support for the liberation of the city, handing it over to the Manbej Military Council. At the same time, we affirm that we will continue our vital mission in defending Manbej from any potential danger, either from the regime or from the mercenary groups operating under the precepts of the regional states.

General Command of the Manbej Military Council
14 \ 8 \ 2017

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