Statement to public opinion

We are a group of seven battalions of Bakara and Shuaitat tribes. After we suffered what we suffered as a result of our response to the regime, and a long journey of suffering with the war in all srian fields, starting with Deir Al-Zour, passing through Raqqa, Hama, Homs and Edlib. Our vision of the deviation of all the so-called battalions and factions of the Free Army from the aims of the Syrian people and their dependence on political money and petrodollars, we have marked good when the establishment of the Elite Forces was announced, thought it was a serious attempt to restore things to the right, We were able to join and move from Edlib to Deir Al-Zour and Hasaka countryside, as participation with Syrian Democratic Forces in fighting terrorism and liberating our cities and villages from the hands of the terrorist organization.

Unfortunately, many of the problems that accompanied our work have happened, and have been to the surface of many vague questions that have not found a satisfactory answer, such as the absence of the project or the clear work programs of these forces , as well as their lack of seriousness in the preliminary work and their association with narrow personal interests. The seven battalions of Bakara and Shuaitat tribes are separated from the Elite Forces and join the Deir Al-Zuor Military Council, as well the Syrian Democratic Forces are considered a reference to the military command we are working under, to liberate our city from the abomination of terror.

At the same time, we reaffirm our full support for the Deir Al-Zuor Military Council. We also thank the command of the Syrian Democratic Forces for their hospitality and the opportunity to join us in fighting terrorism. We also pledge our martyrs and our people that we will spare no effort to defend it, and to offer precious in the struggle to achieve his freedom and dignity.

Battalions of Bakara and Shuaitat tribes

Dier Al-Zour countryside



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