Syrian Center for Documentation of Violations: Chaos in areas controlled by (Euphrates Shield) – supported by Turkey

  The Syrian Center for the Documentation of Violations published its report on the first half of August, in which documented violations in the areas controlled by mercenaries of Turkish occupation, where the report revealed the size of chaos in areas controlled by the Euphrates shield supported by Turkey, in addition to the number of violations and the large number of robberies, rape and insulting  the civilians.

There is chaos in areas controlled by (Euphrates Shield) – supported by Turkey

To the public opinion and to all international and regional organizations and associations concerned with human rights. The areas under control of the factions of the “Euphrates shield” that supported by Turkey witnessed recently, many cases of infringement of the rights against civilians, and do the dirtiest crimes against the people in these areas; Killing, kidnapping, raping women and stealing property of citizens, not to mention the forced displacement of hundreds of residents, as well creation of a demographic change in those areas for the benefit of the Turkish state.

As well as the daily skirmishes among factions affiliated to the “Euphrates Shield”, and the fall of civilian casualties without guilt among those factions that began to float the smell of corruption and bullying them, especially as those factions no longer have a revolutionary or national function.

Note: At the beginning of August, the working team of the Syrian Center for Documentation of Violations began to investigate and count the number of houses taken from residents of these areas.
1- The area of ​​Al-Bab and its countryside.
2- Al-Raai and its countryside.

While the team continues to search and statistics in the rest of the rural areas of Aleppo North and East.

We would like to mention that, due to the difficulty of the security situation, many villages were not included in the statistics. As for statistics, we would like to inform the public that it also did not include shops, agricultural land and transport vehicles.

While others are being investigated, in order to document the number of houses that have been stolen.

It is worth mentioning that the killings, robbery, rape and kidnapping are still ongoing, and some factions of the Turkish occupation (the Euphrates Shield) are still violating and robbing citizens’ houses and livelihoods so far. We will bring you all the new happenings there.

We call on the international and regional forces to stop the killings, kidnappings, looting and all violations committed by these armed groups against unarmed civilians in those areas.

While citizens expressed dissatisfaction with the decision of the local council, because it did not take “permission” local council / 130 / displaced family, warning to evacuate their homes in Al-Bab city in few weeks

Syrian Center for Documentation of Violations

Wednesday 16 August 2017

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