Takeover weapons store of daesh and kill 23 mercenaries

The clashes continue in the old neighborhood of Raqqa, south of the city since three days, a number of mercenaries were killed, as well as a number of others were injured. 6 bodies of the mercenaries killed by the hand of the fighters during the clashes that took place yesterday night in the neighborhood. As the fighters seized the weapons that were in their possession, and a warehouse of weapons and ammunition belonging to mercenaries in the neighborhood.

In Rawda neighborhood, northeast of Raqqa, clashes broke out between the fighters and the mercenaries, 7 of the mercenaries were killed.

As a result of the clashes witnessed in the Deriyah neighborhood, 4 of the mercenaries were killed, in addition to the injury of a number of others, as well one of the Syrian Democratic Forces was wounded.

As for clashes in Al-Barid neighborhood – east of Raqqa, 6 of the mercenaries were killed. 3 of Syrian Democratic Forces were martyred and 3 of others injured during the violent clashes in the neighborhood.



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