HomedialogueTal Al-Samn: Intelligence of society dominates stupidity of terrorism

Tal Al-Samn: Intelligence of society dominates stupidity of terrorism

Water, the nerve of life, and one of the four elements of life. It is described as making it all living. its sources have always been the intersection of humans, and on the banks of rivers and civilization has established its history, states, cities and laws, which was a key element in the identification of the victor in wars, the control of water controls in exhaustion of opponents and enemies. How much battle in history, the water played in the decisive factor in determining the identity of the victor and the defeated.

Because the terrorist daesh organization has no moral deterrent or humanitarian conflict, it has realized this, and revenge of the Raqqa people, the evil of retaliation by blowing up all the water tanks and drinking water networks in the areas from which it has been defeated, like they say to the people that if you do not be killed with our swords and bombs, thirst is your punishment.
Now, with a diesel engine, a 12-inch pump and a six-hour daily pumping rate for residents of more than 400 families in Tal-Samn, the idea of ​​many good people has become an example of good hands that refuse to express their originality and appeal to terrorism “you will not kill the seed of goodness in us”.
On the other hand, there is a serious attempt to deliver the water in the same way to many villages.



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