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The education Committee in Ain Issa, high Determination and Obstacle.


The Education Committee at the Civil Council has opened a course of requalification for the teachers in Ain Issa Town in preparation for the next academic year, where the work is underway to prepare and renovate schools and also communicating with teachers to follow their work   and launching the educational process to serve the future of the children of the region and remove all traces of war psychologically and physically. Mr. Ajeel al-Eidan, Director of the Educational Council e in Ain Issa, assured us that he has so far (365) teachers enrolled to the course of qualification, in which they will receive lessons on the mechanism of new education, and the changes of curriculum and what will be deleted that is negative for diversity in of that was taking by the regime as a curriculum. This training course will start on 1/7/2017 and will end on 1/9/2017. For two full months, the trainees will receive their lessons from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm. Their interaction with the training system will be the exam and the measure to overcome them. Obstacle exam, and determines successful teachers. As for the obstacles that face them as a training committee, Mr. Ajeel said that the troubled security situation is a burden that negatively affects the trainees’ commitment to work hours and leads to some delay in the work. This war also caused the destruction of the infrastructure, which made many schools and official buildings  out of  service, which put us in the dilemma of securing a large building that accommodates such a large number of trainees .If we have more qualified buildings , we will not have a dilemma . If we have a larger qualified building maybe, we are able take   greater number of trainees. Another problem is that we lack the means of transportation to help us to speed movement and tours in the countryside of the town. We appreciate the circumstances that our country is going through in a war against terrorism, but we hope that our distinguished Council will show the necessary attention within the framework of the possible success of our mission. Mr. Ajeel confirmed that the school year in the town of Ain Issa will begin early in the ninth month and their specialized committees are working


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