The Euphrates Region is the second province

Within the administrative division of the Democratic Federative of North Syria, consisting of the provinces of Kubani and Tal Abyad The Euphrates region is located between the AL-Jazera in the east and Afrin in the west.

Most of the residents of the region are Arab ,Kurds and Turkmen. The Euphrates region consists of two provinces, the Kubbani district and the Tel El Abyad distric The area under the democratic federalism is a sector of the province or region with a population of less than 50,000. The center of the area can be a city or town and may include more than one city or area. Under the administrative divisions of the Federal District, it is as follows Kubani Province.

The Kubani district consists of two regions: the Kubani region and the Srin area.

Kubani area :It includes the center of the city of Kobany and its towns, villages and farms, as well as the area of Sheeran and Qenaia district Srin area It consists of the city center of Srin, the towns and villages and its farms, in addition to the area of Jalabia Tal Abyad area. It consists of aTal Abyad area, towns, villages and farms, as well as Ain Aissa and Saluk District.


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