The first training course for the special tasks of the Thoar army in Shahba

Training course joined by 22 fighters of special tasks No. 455 of the AL-Thoar army was be graduated from  the Martyr Naim Al-Sheikh was In a military ceremony attended by a number of military leaders of the AL-Thoar army and the joint revolutionary forces in the province of Shahba.

this training was called{AL-SHAHED KATAB} it was for two month and included military lessons In the framework of a special training program, the trainees received intellectual lessons such as: “The importance of training, the abolition of slavery, democracy, values and ethics, women’s rights, women’s freedom, the establishment of Syria during the time of coups, the internal regime of Syria’s Democratic Forces, ,The establishment of the Islamic Ummah, and the brotherhood of peoples

The graduation ceremony began with the presentation of the combatants by a military parade, followed by the military section, and offer of combat exercises, incursions and rapid intervention.

This was followed by speeches by the leaders of the revoluationary army Dulcher Idlib and Omar{ Abu Ghayath, who spoken about the importance of training and the need to prepare battalions and brigades specialized in the field of counterterrorism,  At the same time, Congratulating at the same time the graduation of the first training course from special tasks 455 that is following to the AL-Thoar army in Alshahba.

The words stressed that they are fighting all the forces that spread sedition and division and the disintegration of the Syrian fabric, saying, “We defended and defend every inch of Syria against all types of terrorism and occupation.”

The ceremony ended with the Dabkeh workshops on the national songs

It is worth mentioning that the martyr Naim al-Sheikh, the name of the movement Abu Rami, born in Homs, was martyred in the village of Harissa on October 31, 2016 in the battle to liberate the village from a mercenary of ISIS.


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