The journalist YPG Roxanne Zardasht injury in AL-Raqqa

ALRaqqa – Roxan Zardasht the member of women’s protection units he was wounded while covering the liberation campaign of the city of Raqqa, when clashes broke out between the Syrian Democratic Forces and mercenaries.

At 10:00 on Tuesday morning and during the media coverage of the women’s protection units Roxan Zardasht in the old neighborhoods of Riqqa between the fighters of the Syrian Democratic forces and mercenaries, she was shot in her shoulder.

Roxanne is a Yezidi girl. Since the launch of the liberation campaign, she has been covering the campaign with fighters step by step, as a journalist, fighter, and woman, Yazida, who has the will to avenge and liberate the Yazidi women

Since her participation in the campaign, she has been carrying her weapon on her shoulder, and her other hand is the camera documenting the resistance shown by the fighters of the Syrian democratic forces against mercenaries, to show public opinion and the international, she enters To The hottest and dangerous points for this purpose

When the journalist and fighter Roxan Zardasht was injured, the fighters rushed her to the near medical point and she is now receiving treatment, according to medical sources



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