The people of Raqqa were who huffed hilarious .Who will huff them?

The south-east countryside of Raqqa City is one of the most densely populated areas on the right bank of the Euphrates River (Shamiya) for several reasons, including the most fertile areas, the Euphrates River bed, in addition to there is a public road Aleppo, Raqqa , Deir –Ez-Zour Road . So there is a densely population on this road, including Al-Atresh, Ma’adan,, Sabkha and other communities, villages and farms scattered in this countryside and along this road. With the beginning of the campaign of “Euphrates Anger and the entry into the fourth stage of the liberation of the city center from the ISIS , the regime hastened to start quick military operation in the southern countryside, which is almost desert, with the aim of reaching the plains overlooking the Euphrates And taking care of these gatherings, taking advantage of the SDF being busy in battles with the terrorist ISIS and to impose itself as a de facto force in the south-eastern countryside of Raqqa .

These data created a situation of overlapping between the fronts and created overlapping lines in more than one region, which resulted in many confusion and led to additional waves of displacement. People fear that the regime forces will control their villages as much as they fear the power of the ISIS They have fear of revenge, theft and stealing by the militias associated with the regime. Activists and intellectuals of Ma’adan and its dignitaries issued a call earlier this month to the SDF demanding that the SDF and the International Alliance not exclude the southeast countryside of the campaign of the Euphrates Anger and considered an integral part of Raqqa, and then refused to enter the forces and militias of the Syrian regime under any pretext. As a result of the exchange of fire and indiscriminate use of heavy weapons between the regime’s forces and its militias, between the ISIS from the other hand, in the vicinity of Ma’adan and Al-Sabkha, waves of citizens fled to the left bank of the Euphrates River and spread in the hastily established camps to receive them, and constituted an additional burden on the service committees and the relevant offices in the Civil Council of Raqqa , and turned to suffer the additional burden on the Council that suffers mainly lack of potential, as information indicates that the displaced of Ma’adan and Sabkha reached 12,000 displaced Dam Camp alone, except in al-Karameh Camps and Ain Issa and Hasakah Camps, as well as except those who have settled in Rojava cities and northern Syria suffer bad humanitarian conditions from the health level.

The camps, including those displaced, suffer from a severe shortage of health care. The camps lack health centers capable of keeping pace with the size of the population living in the camps. They need additional staff and ongoing support from relevant humanitarian organizations. As for the relief side, these displaced people have left everything behind. They have managed to survive. They have only what they wear.

They need urgent relief, whether in terms of logistical supplies, clothing, furniture, simple life supplies or even the provision of detergents and tools. Of personal use, and lack of support organized and programmed scheduler is a catastrophic situation on the humanitarian level in the camps.

Some relief agencies, as well as social and tribal activities have proposed the establishment of urgent kitchens to provide ready meals for displaced people, as well as installing water fountains to solve the problem of water shortage and the danger of reaching to the Euphrates, to the exposure of both sides of the river from the brutal shelling indiscriminate either by militia of the regime forces or by the ISIS. This humanitarian situation is an additional challenge for the humanitarian organizations, which requires urgent action to relieve the people who have always known for huffing hilarious.


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