The regions of the Democratic Federalism of Northern Syria divided

 The Democratic Federalism of Northern Syria according to the law of the Administrative Divisions Act of the Democratic Federalism into three regions (Al-Jazeera, Euphrates and Afrin). To apply the principle of the correspond and to embed the system of the Democratic Autonomy to create administrative units capable of planning and implementing the processes and putting strategies of the development of the local community , taking into consideration the specificity of each region, ending the routine and bureaucracy established through the central system, and making administrative units at all levels directly responsible for services, economy, culture and all aspects of interest to citizens within their administrative borders. In order to determine responsibilities and the distribution of powers in the hands of the people, the Democratic Federalism divided the areas of northern Syria into three regions. The region is a unit of self-administration composed of one or more cantons or of several regions that have historically, demographically, economically and culturally similar characteristics and are characterized by geographical integration and communication. According to the administrative division, the three regions are: A. Al-Jazeera Region consisting of two cantons , al-Hasakah ( al- Hasakah Area, Derbassiyeh Area, Serekaniye Area and Tel Tamar Area), and Qamishlo Canton including Qamishlo and Derek Area . B. The Euphrates Region consists of two cantons , Kobane Canton (including the center of Kobane City and its towns and villages and farms, as well as Sheeran Nahiyah and Qanaya Nahiyah , and Sarrin Nahiyah , which consists of the center of Sarrin City and its towns and villages and farms in addition to Al-Jalabeyah Nahiyah , and Tel Abyad Canton consisting of Tel Abyad Area and villages and farms belonging to it , in addition to Ain Issa and Saluk Nahiyahs ). C. The third region is Afrin Region, which also includes two cantons, Afrin, which includes Afrin, Jenders, and Raju and al-Shabeha Canton consisting of Tel Raf,at Region in addition to three Nahiyahs that are Ahraz Nahiyah , Fiayafen Nahiyah and Kafar Naya Nahiyah. It is worth mentioning that the administrative divisions of northern Syria took place during the meeting of the Constituent Assembly of the Democratic Federalism of North Syria, held in Rmelan City on July 27-28.


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