The tribes calling SDF to feast

In order to activate the role of the tribes in defending the liberated areas in the rural areas of Raqqa, as well as the generous initiative between Raqqa Civil Council and the dignitaries of the Karama tribes in the eastern countryside of Raqqa, with returning of displaced persons to their homes and villages, Sheikh Abadi Negem Al-Faraj, one of the tribe dignitaries of Al-Afadela, held a feast in honor of the Syrian Democratic Forces in his home in Karama.

He was called sheikhs and tribal leaders in the whole of Raqqa and some Hassaka dignitaries, in addition to Relations Office in Roj-Ava Asayish Forces and military commanders in SDF.
A number of speeches were made by the attendees, which stressed that the terrorism that hit its branches in this region had harmed the social fabric, as much as the authoritarian authorities in the same fabric.
In response to this generous invitation to the dignitaries, elders, military, political and social leaders to his tent, the responsible authorities released twenty-nine young men who were not handcuffed with the blood of the Syrians. As a goodwill gesture towards the tribes, which left a positive impression among all the attendees.
Therefore, the activities of the Relations Office continue to hold meetings and invite social events in Raqqa to further communication, to take its role in the administration of Al-Raqqa. The Syrian Democratic Forces issued an official statement yesterday calling on all the people in abroad to return and review the concerned parties to settle their situation. The statement also stressed that there is no role for the Syrian regime and its institutions in the future of Raqqa.


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