The Union of pharmacists in Tabqa

  In the framework of the new construction of service institutions, the Health Bureau of the Council of Tabqa, the Union of pharmacists, has opened its task of granting licenses to pharmacies.

 60 pharmacies were opened since the liberation of the city from mercenary of the ISIS. When Tabqa City was under the rule of mercenaries of the ISIS, it was almost empty of pharmacies and doctors after they left because of the terrorist organization and the practices that controlled all aspects of life, what caused the crisis and the fact, especially patients, who had to travel long distances to different areas in Syria to obtain treatment required.

 After the liberation of Tabqa City on May 10, doctors and pharmacists began to return to the city and practice their profession.

 In early July, the Civil Council of Tabqa, the health office, set up the health sector in the city, while encouraging the safety and stability of dozens of doctors and pharmacists to return to work in the city.

In this context, the Health Office, which works to develop and improve the health situation in the city, set up a union of pharmacists to organize the 59 pharmacies in the city after its liberation.

 The union consists of 4 members, doctors and pharmacists, who will work to grant licenses and certificates for the opening of pharmacies, as well as supervision of drug stores and pricing.


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