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The Water Committee oversees the rehabilitation of water pumping stations

 The Euphrates River passes through The city of Raqqa city.one of the most important rivers in the region, and the city is floating on a sea of underground water. However, as a result of the wars that have taken place in the region and the practice of ISIS OF waterworks explosions and tank bombings has made it difficult for water to reach the villages.

Based on the importance of water, the AL-Raqqa Civil Council formed the Water Committee of the Municipality of the people in Ain Issa headed by Farouk Mustafa and a number of members. The committee supervises all matters related to water from pumping stations, tanks, water transport mechanisms and others.

The head of the committee Farouk Al-Mustafa said that their task is to study water stations and rehabilitate them in all liberated areas of the province of Al-Raqqa. The committee also studied the stations in Tel Al-Saman, Al-Kalta, Al-Haysha, On the previous experiences and personal efforts in addition to the study of the status of artesian wells in a number of areas with about ten wells (Al-Falihah – Ain Issa Camp-AL Maqara)

The committee also supervised the rehabilitation of the water network in Ein Issa for a length of 1500 meters, supervising the implementation of the 2100-meter drainage project in the town, and supervising the primitive pumping stations that citizens perform as small projects..

Many people in rural of AL- Raqqa depend on the wells they dug in their homes to  find water, and many civilians complain that groundwater is not suitable for drinking and therefore they use it for watering and washing.

It should be noted that the Water Committee faces a number of difficulties, including the lack of electricity supply at pumping stations and the lack of machines to extract fresh water from artesian wells in areas lacking water systems and lack of water transport mechanisms (tanks).






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