HomedialogueThey killed my father by firing squad, and I gave myself up to return to my community

They killed my father by firing squad, and I gave myself up to return to my community

 At the initiative of the elders of Raqqa City . In coordination with the Civil Council of the province and the responsiveness of the authorities in the Internal Security Forces and the SDF , a new group of detainees were set free who the Internal Security Forces and the Syrian Democratic Forces arrested them because they joined the terrorist organization, who have not been stained with the blood of innocent people.

The SDF announced in more than one statement that they will deal nobly with those who surrender, and will forgive who want to return to the right path and get out of the terrorism .

Abd al-Aziz al-Faraj, a resident of Madan district east of Raqqa a registered civil registrar in the Karama Area, was one of those involved who wa set free .

He said to our site that he was working in Lebanon as a barber, but he returned to his hometown at the beginning of 2016. Because he needed work , he employed in the so-called Zakat Court, which supervised the imposition of royalties on people under the pretext of Zakat, and that was in the seventh month of 2016, and he worked for four months, according to his claim.

After that, he quit his job and started working in medicines business. He took Karama town as a place of his work . According to his account, when the campaign of the Euphrates Anger began to liberate Raqqa and the arrival of the first SDF in Karamah vicinity, his father welcomed the Liberation Forces, but to his dismay, that he had to return to his home in the town, which had not yet been liberated, and he was kidnapped by elements of the terrorist ISIS and carried out the death sentence on the field by firing squad for apostasy. Meanwhile he says I was forced to move to Madan and I stayed with those people who were waiting for the arrival of the SDF . But there were also things that did not go well. Madan was bombed by the militias of the regime indiscriminately leading to displacement of the people of the town. and crossing the Euphrates River and facing the danger of drowning, and reaching to the West Bank that the SDF liberated . He handed himself on (28/7/2017) and after routine investigations, and the intervention of the dignitaries of the city and its civil council, he was set free to return to his life and exercise his work naturally.

The Centre of Media of the SDF(MCSDF)

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