Tribal elders and sheikh: We thank the Syrian Democratic Forces and the Civil Council for releasing 76 detainees

At the initiative of the AL-Raqqa Civil Council of and under the will of the elders and elders of the tribes in the city of Raqqa, who inspired the spirit of tolerance from the previous statements of the Syrian Democratic Forces on tolerance of those who tricked and Worked with the ISIS and did not get their hands stained with blood.

The responsible, headed by the Internal Security Forces, responded after completing their investigation of the reasons for their affiliation to Da’ish and making sure that their records were free of the crimes.

The initiative was handed over to the civil council and tribal dignitaries, who ensured that they would not return to the sins The kin thanked the Syrian Democratic Forces and the civil council for their request for the release of the detainees.

The Syrian democratic forces tolerated their sons who had mistakenly joined with ISIS and worked with it but did not get their hands stained with the blood of the civilians.



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