Turkish army receives fourth setback in Ein Dukna and losses in equipment and lives

It seems that the Turkish army and its mercenaries in the Syrian territories have not learned from their previous experiences with the People’s Protection and revolutionary factions in the northern Aleppo and Afrin areas. On Saturday, August 5, 2017, the Turkish army and its terrorists tried to break into the village of Ein Dukna again. But the people’s protection units confronted the new Turkish operation “the fourth attempt” firmly, destroyed a tank and Dushka vehicle of the Turkish army and killed more than 13 Turkish terrorists, in addition to thwart the new sneak attempt to the village.

The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries shelled the village of Ein Dukn in the areas of Al-Shahbaa at 12:45 am. They shelled the villages of Al-Amlaqia and Al-Bilouniya. More than 60 mortar shells landed in the same time with using Dushka on the village.

The People’s Protection Units responded to attacks by the Turkish army targeting their positions and gatherings in the occupied Syrian territories. A Turkish tank stationed near Izaz hospital, Dushka vehicle of the Turkish army was destroyed in the occupied Ma’ara.

The Turkish army and its terrorists intensified their shells on Al-Bilouniya, Sheikh Issa at 20:00. The shelling continued until 23:00 on the Shahbaa areas to include the villages of (Sheikh Issa, Tal Refa’at, Um Hush, Harbel, Samouka, Hasagak, Al-saad and Ein Dukn), in a violent and indiscriminate manner with rocket launchers, tanks, artillery, mortars and Dushka weapons. More than 75 artillery shells landed on Tal Refa’at and Sheikh Issa village.

Violent clashes broke out between the fighters and the Turkish army and its terrorists. More than 13 Turkish terrorists were killed. On the other hand, the Turkish army tried to sneak to the near of Tel-Jijan village to attack the points of concentration of the Revolutionary Forces In liberated areas of Shahbaa, but the revolutionary forces uncovered the infiltration, targeting mercenaries with BKS and Dushka weapons, until they fled to their points.

The clashes continue uninterrupted until Sunday morning, 6 August-2017

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