Violent clashes in the neighborhoods of Raqqa and the killing of 35 mercenaries of the SIS

   The neighborhoods of Raqqa City are witnessing strong clashes between the SDF and the mercenaries of ISIS, leading to killing of 35 people in these clashes.

In al- Mansour Neighborhood in the east of the city strong clashes broke out that resulted in killing (9) mercenaries.

At the same time, Al-Rashid Neighborhood is witnessing strong clashes until this moment, leading to killing 11 mercenaries. In the old neighborhood of Raqqa, clashes resulted in killing of 4 mercenaries. In the west, during the clashes that took place in

the al-Maroor Neighborhood leading to killing 6 mercenaries, and Nahdah Neighborhood on the same side the clashes led to killing 5 mercenaries.

During the clashes in the neighborhoods mentioned, three fighters of the SDF were martyred.


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