Woman: leadership and challenge

To escape from the black cloak and the cruelty of daesh, which was the first victim is the woman, by killing them and violations of women’s rights on the grounds of false religion, but women and especially Arab did not accept this bitter reality, so migrated with the waves of displacement to Ain Issa camp, the prospects for a new future was not static. She fought the mentality of denial of the role of women through the many and varied contributions that won the admiration of many; of the simple sewing machine that sews the clothes was able to support its daily strength to provide the needs of their children, as well as from a small tent placed some of goods, Which created solutions for all problems from sewage and waste water.

In the last few days, women have proven their effectiveness in many areas. They are the organized for families in the Women’s House, the Peace Committees that regulate people’s affairs, and all the problems raised in that huge camp.

She has taken over the reins of leadership, revolution and the nation to receive life with a bright smile that challenges the subtlety of terrorism and the harshness of the camps.



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