Office of organizations: preparation to enter AL-Raqqa city

The Office of Organizations of the Civil Council of AL-Raqqa is preparing a plan to enter the city of Raqqa in coordination with the humanitarian organizations operating in the north of Syria to take all necessary measures for the return of civilians to the city and securing the necessities of life.

The head of the organization’s office, Hamsourk, stressed that our first task after taking civilians out to safety is to secure the right place for them and to secure water and food until the city is safe from the terrorists and demining, as well as removing the wounded and sick, bringing them to the nearest hospital and removing bodies from the rubble and burying them.

Hamsurk urged international organizations to support the people trapped in al-Raqqa and to provide them with support from all aspects of health and food, to prepare places to receive them and to provide adequate shelter.


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