7 months old displaced kid in Manbej camp suffers malnutrition and visual impairment

Jawaher a 7 moths old kid was born when her parents displaced from Maskanah town to Manbej city escaping ISIS violence. Jawaher was born in a miserable situation unlike the other infants, she was born in a very cold weather.

Jawaher’s mother said that when I delevered Jawaher, it was winter and we did not have shelter, food and water. During giving birth of Jawaher, we were heading to manbej escaping ISIS. “Because of this difficulties and  and shortage of food, Jawaher has malnutrition and visual impairment”. The mother said that the bad situation which they suffered made her suffer from agalactia.

Jawaher’s mother said that she took her newly born daughter to pediatrician, and he advised her to give her daughter dried milk because her milk is not enough. The mother said that I can not buy the dried milk because the family do not have money they only own their clothes.



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