A new advance for SDF in AL Raqqa city and the killing of 17 mercenaries

The liberation campaign continues for the 108th day in a row, according to the information received, there is new progress for Syrian Democratic Forces, which is tightening the frame more on mercenaries in the city center

Amid the clashes witnessed by the neighborhood of AL-Amin and the neighborhood of Al-Hany downtown and the vicinity of the cemetery of Hittin and Dwar Al-Naim and Al-Dalah as well as Al-Nahda district west of the city center, during which 17 mercenaries were killed, and SDF blew up 4 cars loaded with the weapon of Dushka, and detonated a motorcycle before the arrival of its target.

While the fighters liberated ALFrdos area (relative to the ALFrdos Mosque located in it) which is located in Al-Hini neighborhood.

On the other hand, the special forces in the Syrian Democratic Forces continue to comb and clean the mine-liberated neighborhoods. Some 70 mines.

During the clashes, two of our fighters were martyred and three were wounded.





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