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A new camp for the Deir al-Zour IDPs in Ain Issa

Al-Raqqa Civil Council, in collaboration with relief organizations, established a new camp for Deir al-Zour IDPs in Ain Issa area to serve as a companion to the former camp in conjunction with the increasing number of displaced persons in the camp

Thousands of people from the countryside of Deir al-Azur, Bu Kamal, Aqeerbat and the fields have been displaced for five days ago, fleeing the brutality and practices of the regime and mercenaries. They have resorted to the liberated areas of rural Al-Raqqa and Ain Aissa. .

Due to the limited possibilities of the Civil Council, the Council delayed the provision of tents to the displaced, but in cooperation with the organizations the Council erected 100 tents in an area of approximately 30 dunums of land to be a support of Ain Issa camp of accommodate displaced and residents in the area.

Al-Raqqa Civil Council promised to provide more tents if the number of displaced persons coming towards Ein Issa increased and provide assistance and support.

The number of displaced people fleeing the rural areas of Deir-Azour to escape the regime’s brutality and mercenary practices has rising to more than 5,000 displaced people, mostly children, women, the elderly and people with disabled.



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