A pesticide spraying campaign in Ein Issa camp

The Ain Issa camp in the north of the province of Raqqa has become a safe haven for those who have been liberated from the ISIS and the regime. The camp administration works with the Civil Council and humanitarian organizations to provide what can be provided to the displaced,

Because of the high temperature in the summer and the increase in the number of arrivals to the camp, the camp became vulnerable to harmful and poisonous insects, which called for the administration of the camp to request the assistance of the Civil Council for a campaign of spraying pesticides inside the camp.

In cooperation with the United Nations, the Al-Raqqa Council provided Delta matter for the eradication of toxic, crawling and flying insects inside the camp.

Abdul Aziz al-Marai, the official responsible for the campaign to clean the camp of Ain Issa during an exploratory tour of the camp said:we noticed the presence of some types of insects so we introduced Delta matter, for the eradication of all types of insects flying and crawling.

We have two teams. The first specialized in the eradication of insects and crawling flies. The second specializes in the eradication of poisonous insects such as snakes and snakes and we have carried out a campaign for all the camps (Ain Issa – Almabroka – Shaddadi – HOL).



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