a violent clashes at city center of Raqqa and at perimeter of the White Garden

liberation campaign , launched on June 6, continues with all its strength amid violent clashes between Syrian Democratic Forces fighters and ISIS mercenaries.

In the city center , clashes continue, with shelling mercenary in which 15 mercenaries were killed.

On the other hand, the perimeter of the white garden in the center of the city is witnessing  violent clashes while the fighters cleared the liberated buildings in the city center from mines laid by mercenaries before they were defeated.

At the same time, the villages of Al-Kassrat and Al-Raqqa al-Samra, east of al-Raqqa, are witnessing violent clashes between the fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces and the mercenary groups.

In the village of Al-Kassrat, a quantity of ammunition was seized by mercenaries who had been hiding in one of the houses, while there was no information about the results of the clashes taking place in the two villages mentioned so far

The clashes in the center and east of the city of Raqqa continue until the preparation of this news.


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