Abdeen camp in Manbj supports 5000 displaced persons

Haj Abidin camp in Manbaj received more than 5,000 displaced people, mostly from the city of Raqqa, Miskane and Deir Hafer who fled from the ISIS and the regime and the ongoing war there.

The Manbj Civil Council, in cooperation with the Office of Organizations, built the camp in an organized manner and was equipped for refugees, especially after the wave of displacement from the areas of control of the regime during the battle with ISIS.

The director of the camp Khalil Silo: The camp administration is providing services to refugees constantly al the time in cooperation with some humanitarian organizations where the bread is provided on a daily basis for the displaced

The camp administration provides gas to facilitate the cooking process. The camp is also equipped with 16 water tanks, each with 25 barrels and 27 baths, in addition to providing health services in cooperation with MSF to prevent outbreaks of diseases and transfer difficult cases to the Euphrates Hospital.

Silo noted that the camp administration allows displaced people to travel freely and work in the camps, with the aim of integrating them into society so that the camp is not a prison for them. Therefore, they are brothers to us and must be treated as brothers.



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