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acquaintance the reality of the automated bakery in Manbij

After ISIS defeat inside Manbij and the destruction of the  public and private infrastructure, Manbij Civil Council is trying to repair this infrastructure. One of this infrastructure is the main bakery.

During our visit to the director of the laboratory department, Mr. Ihsan Issa talked to us about the importance of the bakery in terms of work because it works on four lines daily and consumes around 37 tons of flour daily after it was producing 60 tons and the bakery works 24 hours a day in addition to 25 Private bakeries which produce bread for manbej and its countryside.

There are 120 employees in the Manbj bakery, and the bread is distributed within the city through some authorized agents who are 25 agents. The price of the bread is 100 pounds for a bandle , weighing 1.450kg. The bakery distributes the bread on  displaced people in Manbj camp . according to the daily statistics, the camp consums between 800 to 1000 bandles of bread.

Finally, Ihsan al-Issa thanked the administration and the Board for their cooperation with us.



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