HomemanshetAcquire of weapons and ammunition at AL-Soor town

Acquire of weapons and ammunition at AL-Soor town

A Violent clashes took place inside the town of Soor, northeast of the city of Dair al-Zour, which five mercenaries were killed and fighters seized a quantity of weapons and ammunition.

The clashes continue inside the town of Soor as part of  Asefat AL-Jazzera campaign,and the clashes are taking place inside the town between the Syrian Democratic forces and mercenaries have been calling since yesterday. SDF fighters liberated half of the town while the clashes continue within the remaining half.

As a result of the clashes five mercenaries from ISIS were killed,and their corpse in the hand of SDF.The fighters also seized a 12.5-mm Dushka weapon, a Pks, five Kalashnikovs, an RPG launcher and several of its missiles, two wireless devices.

The clashes continue inside the town.



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