Activities of the Women’s House and its mechanism in Ain Issa

Covenant of blackness is gone after the elimination of  ISIS mercenaries, those who left behind them marginalization of everything, especially women and considered it a piece of furniture dumped in the house and limited with a broom and dish washing

The Women’s House was opened in the town of Ain Issa on 27/8/2017 to give women their stolen value under the previous introductions by a mercenary

Women are not only half of the society, but the whole society because they are generate heroes, engineers, lawyers and all categories of society. In order to honor them, several centers have been opened to overcome their difficulties and give them the natural right to self-determination.

During our visit to Mrs. Amani Al-Mustafa, Director of the Women’s Center in Ain Eissa, she explained to us the mechanism of their work and how they  solve the family and tribal problems related to the problems of wives and spouses and their differences while respecting the two sides

In addition to their contribution to the opening of training and awareness centers in all fields and work to meet the social services such sewing ,clinics,laboratories,detergents and literacy centers and kindergarten.

The Women’s House consists of 6 committees (the Diwan, the Reconciliation Commission, the Archives, the Reception, the Inspection and the Presidency))

it is worth mentioning that the graduation of an awareness course for women took the name of the martyr Hana Abdel-Karim Al-Saqr, where they pledged committees in the House of Women to follow the footsteps of the dead ones and to complete their steps and receive the people all and resolve the differences as peacefully as possible.









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