Ain Issa:  Al-Zaherah water pumbing station is working again

Water pumps are one of the most used equipment in daily life because of its importance in drinking and watering the land. Therefore, Raqqa Civil Council pays special attention to the water stations. The Services Committee and the Reconstruction Committee of Raqqa Civil Council made a round to Al-Zahra pumping station to see the workflow there.

Nazmi Mohammed, a member of the reconstruction committee, explained to us the mechanism of the work in the station, with the coorporation of Civil Council. Said “we rehabilitated Al-Zahra pumping station and we were able to pump water to the villages of Kobash and Tishreen. We were able to provide fuel, repair the generator and the pipes that were detonated by ISIS”.

Nazmi added “the villagers can drink and water their plants. In the coming days, pumping stations will be repaired in (Salhbiya – Tal Al Samman – Hawi Al Hawa)”.

Also Nazmi said that we will repair all of the water pumping station in all liberated areas in Raqqa countryside .



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