Ain Issa camp in Eid al-Adha 

Eid days are almost unforgettable legacies, ancestral customs and traditions of loved ones, memories of the fragrant past recalling yesterday and mixing with the present , those who forget the visits of grandparents and the nights waiting for the morning and dating with the children of the village or warm to do Eid tours, we do not forget how our graves were planted with flowers and shrubs, all these things are almost a program for each holiday with special additions to each house crows of ISIS whoop in our town have turned everything into black they tried to blur our identity and our memory with fire and gunpowder, but people managed to preserve those inherited customs no less important than the ruins of Palmyra that they destroyed.

Today, after the crows were kicked out and the pigeon  flashed, the children laughed, the women sang, decorated the feast, and their faces were adorned with smiles of childhood.

Sabha Ibrahim al-Khalifa, an elderly woman, said that she spent a beautiful and joyous time in the camp when the Eid came  where she saw joy in the faces of adults and young people in the camp, even though they fled their homes and left behind them their memories for decades, She indicated that she had received the Eid clothes for her grandchildren.

Haifaa Mohamed said that she lived beautiful days in the camp despite the difficult circumstances, as she visited her relatives after ISIS deprived them of their customs. She confirmed that the committee gave her the Eid dresses for the children and that she distributed 35,000 for each family.


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