Ain Issa camp: receiving more displaced persons

Ain Issa camp continues to receive more displaced people from the areas of clashes in the villages of Deir Ezzor, Homs and Hama, More than 13,000 IDPs have been displaced. administration of Ain Issa camp has managed to cover the full needs of the displaced from tents for the displaced. More than 700 tents

The work is continuing well with the efforts of Raqqa Civil Council and the administration of Ein Issa camp, which is the main burden of the influx of displaced people from all governorates, especially Deir Al-Zour and Raqqa. Some of them are from Hama and Aleppo, escaped from injustice regime, Turkey and ISIS.

The needs of the displaced were also covered by all the relief supplies of sponges, food, blankets, ambulances, detergents and kitchen utensils, where more than 800 quotas were distributed. The distribution method was in the form of pre-registered checks in the camp administration to ensure regulation in distribution.



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