Al Furat Hospital: Free services for the citizens

Al-Furat Hospital in Manbaj is considered one of the most important health centers in Manbej and its countryside which provides free health services for free. Therefore, hospital rehabilitation was as a priority for the local council in Manbej. The local council rehabilitated and prepared many sections in the hospital such as ; emergency, pediatric,gynaecology, internal medicine, OT (operations theater), in addition to Dialysis.

Dr. Kamel Qoujou director of Al-Furat Hospital in Manbaj, said that several departments are available in the hospital including: emergencies, Pediatrics, gynocology, internal Medicine, surgeries, laboratory and Dialysis. Dr Kamal added that we could open a pharmacy but with limited abilities.

Dr Kamel stated that the medical staff consists of 13 different specialists, 28 nurses, 5 technicians in the lab in addition to 4 midwives in gynecology ”  we carry out several surgical operations and 7 Caesarean section a week ” Kamel added.

The total number of medical services provided to patients in the last three weeks was 3951. The hospital received 705 emergency cases and the pediatrics received 1060 child. 800 children were vaccinated, blood transfusion has been made for 75 child who have thalassemia. Also several Dialysis have been done out of 60 Patients due to the lack of abilities.

Dr Kamel , also noted” that the services we provide in the hospital are simple, depends on the number of  staff and the equipment that we have.Though of the shortage of the staff and the abilities we still recieve alot of emergency patients.

Kamel appealed to the medical NGOs to provide the hodpital with medical equipments, after robbing the hospital by ISIS mercenaries.



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