HomedialogueAl-Raqqa: Rehabilitation of the pumping station in the village of  kasra Faraj

Al-Raqqa: Rehabilitation of the pumping station in the village of  kasra Faraj

Since its inception, the Civil Council has been interested in water problems in Al-Raqqa and its countryside. He has set plans for solving water problems and studying projects to develop drinking water and irrigation systems in the city.

Where the Civil Council of  AL-Raqqa formed a committee to view and uncover the main pumping station of the city of Raqqa headed by the Chairman of the Services Committee Saleh Mohammed and the Director of the Water Department in the Civil Council of AL-Raqqa Jassem Al-Khalaf and Director of the station Mohammed Al-Musa and some members of the Council..

During the tour, they were briefed on all the halls, transformers, pumping engines, filtration and filtration basins of the plant and on the cleaning and maintenance work begun in the past few days. The station has three direct pumping pumps feeding the neighboring villages, although the station stopped working four months ago because of the clashes that took place in the vicinity when the liberation of the region of mercenaries ISIS.

At the end of the tour, Al-Khalaf confirmed that the station will return to work within days and will be operated in two phases. In the first stage, the water will be pumped directly to the villages of Al-Kassrat and Rtala from the three direct pumping pumps. In the second stage, the pumping pipes will be repaired to the city.


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