HomedialogueAmmar said: A student will not enter any school before I do

Ammar said: A student will not enter any school before I do

Ammar Hussain Al-Hussain from the educated family, son a farmer father, who struggled in front of his children to receive the highest scientific rank, born in the Western Kabash in 1986. He has a license in history from the Faculty of Arts, and he worked in teaching in Al-Raqqa city, traveled to Egypt to pursue his studies to obtain a master’s degree in history from the Faculty of Arts in Alexandria, Egypt.
Ammar decided to return to Al-Raqqa after completing his studies to complete his educational and learning career for his countrymen and to present his experiences and skills he had acquired for his country.
The Chairman of the Education Committee in Al-Raqqa Civil Council, and since the beginning of the formation of the Council, he worked with his members in accordance with a serious work plan, including education, where the slogan of education first.
His efforts were preceded by his studies of the destruction, restoration, needs and supplies of schools and the cleaning of mines in any school accompanied by the demining organization. He played an important role in rehabilitating and running the educational process in Al-Raqqa rural.
During his mission to tour the schools in the area to see the final touches in preparation for the new academic year, a landmine of mercenaries’ remnants exploded in a school in the west of Ain-Issa and led him to the martyrdom.
It should be noted that Ammar al-Hussein was martyred on 8/9/2017


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