An emergency meeting for the head of Ein Issa camp with the humanitarian organizations

In view of the increasing number of displaced persons to Ain Issa camp, an emergency meeting was held at the camp administration headquarters to discuss the situation of the camp in light of the increasing number of displaced persons.

Where the meeting was held under the chairmanship of Jalal Ayaf, director of the camp and the presence of the heads of committees and representatives of humanitarian organizations working in the camp. The situation of displaced persons inside and outside the camp was discussed as the total number of families in the camp and outside it reached 2466 families and the total number of those in the camp is 12750 people till today. In the last two days, 1577 displaced people have arrived from the city Deir al-Zour.

The meeting discussed the health and service situation inside the camp and the possibility of increasing assistance to the new displaced people as part of the expansion and taking measures to protect the displaced for fear of infiltration of terrorists and urged among the displaced people. At the end of the meeting, solutions were proposed to implement them immediately and urgently

The establishment of a health point in the camp,and construction of four big tents

 And increase the number of mechanisms that clean the camp and increase the number of water tanks to meet the need of the camp and organize the distribution of rations and bread to reach all members of the camp.

Dealing with infectious diseases and dealing with them urgently and transfer them to the hospital outside the camp.



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