Asefat  AL-Jazeera liberated 14 villages and two towns and evacuated 4,000 civilians from areas of  the clashes

The campaign of Asefat AL Jazeera against mercenaries ISIS started on (9/9/2017), and continues until now.

The campaign, which lasted eight days, and progress 63 kilometers. 14 farms, villages and two large towns were liberated.The sugar factory, the cotton mill and the electricity company were also liberated. Meanwhile, our forces clashed with mercenaries.

In this campaign so far, our forces have taken over several communication devices and a number of individual machine guns, such as Kalashnikovs and PKks, and our forces have taken over a four-wheel drive vehicle.In these clashes, our forces were able to destroy five car bombs remotely before reaching their targets. The mercenaries detonated three car bombs without achieving their objectives. Similarly, mercenaries carried out four suicide attacks with individuals and did not achieve their objectives.

In these battles, the bodies of many mercenaries have fallen into the hands of our fighters, while we have confirmed the deaths of hundreds of mercenaries. Our forces were able to evacuate 4,000 civilians from areas of engagement to the safe areas and 14 of our fighters rose to the rank of martyrdom.

Asefat AL-Jazeera operation room




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