Ayaf: Winter knocks the doors of tents In Ain Issa camp

Obstacles are growing more and more on Ain Issa camp and the Civil Council, with the arrivals of refugees from Raqqa and Deir al-Zour to Ain Issa camp.

For the new arrivals, another camp with more than 700 tents and 9 large tents has been established. Bathrooms and toilets are now being built on the road block, not to access the property of the citizens..

More than 6,000  bread packages are distributed daily.

As for the kitchen is cooked every day tons and 200 kg of food, and increased the number of workers in the camp, where the number of cleaners was 130 workers..

Jalal Ayaf, director of Ein Issa camp, said the winter is coming and we appealed to the organizations to build a small wall around the tents to prevent rainwater in the coming winter season, as well as to renovate the camp and provide assistance from sponges and blankets.

And open schools for children to study instead of displacement and begging inside the camp and because education is their natural right.



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